LinkedIn And The Business world.

By now, everybody has heard and sign up for a LinkedIn account.  We have read of their 200 million users. We know of the importance of LinkedIn in the business world. But, did you know LinkedIn is use more and more in hiring new people? Below, you will find great articles about the importance and impact LinkedIn continues to have in the business world.

LinkedIn: Revolutionizing The World of Recruiting

LinkedIn is the social media enigma, the one social media site that seems to have a profoundly stronger impact on companies than it does on its users.

Announcing the Voldemort 1.3 Open Source Release 

I am excited to announce the availability of the Voldemort 1.3.0 Open Source release. In 2012, Voldemort experienced unprecedented levels of traffic growth, adoption rates, and data growth at LinkedIn. 


Accidental Email To 1,138 LinkedIn Users 

Earlier this month, Matt Haughey, blogger and co-founder of gas tracking site, Fuelly, inadvertently emailed 1,138 people asking them to connect on professional social network LinkedIn.