Google Reader

So, what is your take on this? People are really fuming about the kill of Google reader. Their views are so against the business side of it that you have to give it to Google for doing it in the first place. Read the articles below and see if you are of the same opinion.

Adblock Plus Gets Self-Updating App To Circumvent Google Play Ban

Last week, Google made everybody angry by announcing the retirement of Google Reader. While everybody was fuming about that, the company also started removing ad blockers from Google Play, including Adblock Plus.

5 Services We’d Rather See Google Kill Than Google Reader

Google Plus It’s starting to feel a little old-hat to make fun of Google Plus, but, come on, Google, you’re not going to be getting petitions to keep plus around like you are with Reader. Just quietly sweep this one under the rug.

Google Plus: Waste of Time, or Vital Tool?

Google+ launched in June 2011 to much fanfare. Some commentators predicted it would slay Facebook. Others anticipated a rapid demise.