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How to Host Your Own Free Online TV Show

Have you ever wanted to be a TV star? When I was a kid, I watched admiringly at the folks who had their own TV shows. Comedies, dramas, and my favorite, the news. Yep, I was a news junkie. I always wanted to have my own TV show, but it used to be really hard. You had to know someone at a TV station, and then beg them to be on TV. With the Internet, it got easier. All you had to do was record … [Read More...]

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Best Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Financial Advisors

Want to know the best reasons to use LinkedIn for financial advisors? Consider this: Do you do … [Read More...]

3 Reasons Why You Might Block Anyone From Seeing Your Profile on LinkedIn

As the most effective social media platform for financial professionals works on a blocking feature … [Read More...]

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The Latest Social Media News

Social media is no longer for people coming … [Read More...]

Your Business And Social Media

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Learning From Five Guys And Chipotle

As you read the articles we posted for you today, … [Read More...]

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Yes Financial Advisors Can Accept Endorsements on LinkedIn (But They Shouldn’t)

I am frequently asked by my financial advisor clients something that bothers them all: Am I able to accept endorsements on LinkedIn? First and foremost, your compliance department should be asked. And most compliance departments will say no to endorsements, and will cite SEC Rule 206(4)1: Advertisements by Investment Advisors: It shall constitute a fraudulent, […]

What is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors?

One question I often get asked by my financial advisor clients and prospects is: What is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors? Before I answer that, let me tell you how I determine a successful platform for financial advisors. Are your clients there? If clients use a specific social media platform, you […]

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Phil Gerbyshak

Phil Gerbyshak is the chief connections officer who works with financial services professionals to increase employee & customer engagement by using social media to create and build relationships. He helps them understand it’s really not about the tools; it’s all about the conversations they participate in and the connections they create and cultivate. Ron McDaniel from Buzzoodle interviewed … [Read More...]